TrackSafe Real-Time GPS Trackers


With your TrackSafe Real-Time Tracking Device – you always know where your asset is! Featuring unlimited tracking every 2 minutes, location history and a record of the places the vehicle stops most frequently.

TrackSafe Real-Time Trackers are the perfect solution regardless of whether you have one vehicle on the move or an entire fleet of taxis or delivery trucks.

  •   Real-Time Tracking Every 2 Minutes
  •   Automatic 4 Hour Location Log
  •   Top Vehicle Stops (records most frequent stops for the past 3 months)
  •   Stolen Vehicle Recovery Mode – Current & Past Locations
  •   Ultimate protection for cars, boats, RV’s, mortorcycles, trailers and more
  •   Quick & Easy Installation
  •   Pinpoint a stolen vehicle 24/7 for immediate police response
  •   May qualify for up to 35% off your vehicle insurance premiums
  •   Fully transferable-increases your vehicle’s resale value

  •   Use your Smartphone, Tablet or PC to locate your vehicle in seconds
  •   View your vehicle’s location with Road and Aerial Mapping Views
  •   Safety Zones – email and or text messages if the vehicle travels in or out of preset areas
  •   Mileage Tracking including custom set Maintenence Alerts
  •   3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  •   Fully Tranferrable – Increases Your Vehicles Resale Value
  •   Always know where your vehicle is at any time
  •   Continue your service for just $9.99 a month after the First Year
  •   State of the art technology for just pennies a day!

Two Units to Choose From

TrackSafe Real-Time
Car & Truck

Tracksafe Realtime Car-Truck
Under Dash Installation

TrackSafe RealTime

Tracksafe Realtime Motorcyle-ATV-Watercraft
Water-Resistant – Installs Anywhere

LTE Coverage Map

Superior Coverage Throughout Canada,
The USA & Mexico

GPS Location Tracking

Locate Your Vehicle in Seconds!

Four TrackSafe GPS Models to Choose From