TrackSafe Vehicle GPS Trackers

Get The Most Powerful & Affordable Vehicle GPS Tracking System Available!

Locate your vehicle anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Options include remote starter shut down, Audible Late Payment Reminder and Skip Tracing. TrackSafe offers the most affordable vehicle tracking solutions on the market!

TrackSafe Vehicle GPS Tracker

Three Models to Choose From

+ TrackSafe On-Demand
+ TrackSafe Car/Truck
+ TrackSafe M/W


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Locate Your Vehicle in Seconds!

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Know Where It Is 24/7

Real Time GPS Trackers

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With TrackSafe’s Real-Time GPS Tracking devices you’ll always know where your vehicle is! Our Real-Time Trackers feature unlimited tracking every 2 minutes, a 4 hour location history, and a record of most frequent stops. The perfect solution regardless of whether you have one vehicle on the move or an entire fleet of taxis or delivery trucks..

On-Demand GPS Tracking

Affordable Theft Recovery

On-Demand GPS Tracker

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If you don’t need to know where you vehicle is every minute every day, TrackSafe’s Life-Time / On-Demand Tracker is the unit for you! The most reliable and affordable GPS tracker on the market, it includes lifetime coverage with no annual or monthly fees ever. You also get auto daily location updates every 25 hours and 50 on-demand locations.

Three Units to Choose From

TrackSafe FlowChart

TrackSafe Real-Time
Car & Truck

Tracksafe Realtime Car-TruckUnder Dash Installation

TrackSafe Real-Time

Tracksafe Realtime Motorcyle-ATV-WatercraftWater-Resistant – Installs Anywhere


Superior Coverage Throughout Canada,
The USA & Mexico

GPS Location Tracking

Locate Your Vehicle in Seconds!

Four TrackSafe GPS Models to Choose From