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How GPS Tracking Works

Are You a Sub-Prime Auto Dealer?

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You Need TrackSafe Payment-Assurance Systems!


TrackSafe™ is affordable and has been designed with ease of use in mind. If you can use a computer and click a mouse, you can easily control and locate your assets in seconds.

Simply log into the system, select the account of the buyer whose auto or insurance payment is late, and send a warning message to the customer reminding them to contact the you immediately. You can can optionally activate the starter interrupt, remotely remotely disabling their car and preventing it from being moved. Once the buyer has called and made their payment, you can simply log again and re-activate their vehicle.


It’s an old and, unfortunately all to common story. Two parties sign a finance, lease, or rental agreement. The vehicle still belongs to you, the customer is just using it until they’ve paid it off they returned it. Problems only occur after the customer drives away and you no longer have the vehicle in your possession. Loss of employment, divorce, no insurance, illness, all too often result in late or non-payment. Sometimes you can’t reach the customer at all. Cost can add up fast when attempting to collect unpaid debts (Skip Tracing) and, in the worst cases, being forced to track down and repossess the vehicle.

How much simpler would it be if we could get the customer to contact you?

statisticsExperience in the field has shown the use of Payment Assurance Systems reduce delinquency by as much as 90%. TrackSafe’s vehicle starter interrupt systems help dealers sell more vehicles to more people with more confidence. Auto dealerships nationwide save time, money, and headaches using TrackSafe’s family of payment assurance / GPS products. We offer complete solutions for selling to credit-challenged customers that enable them to reestablish credit with the use of our revolutionary devices.

The Technology

TrackSafe™ technology offers a significant advantage to financial and lending institutions, providing easy to use solutions designed to secure and protect assets across virtually all market segments. TrackSafe™ offers a new, state of the art wireless payment-assurance system, giving business users complete control of a wide range of assets, including vehicles, office & industrial equipment, heavy machinery and virtually any electrically powered device. Utilizing the online system control center from practically anywhere in the world, TrackSafe™ provides users the ability to warn, disable and enable assets with just a few mouse clicks. TrackSafe™ is engineered around wireless microwave and other proprietary technology. As a result, TrackSafe™ is extremely effective in Metropolitan centers and their surrounding areas which cover most areas for nearly 98% of the vehicles & equipment sold in North America.

Inside GPS TrackerAll units are delivered pre programmed, activated and are ready to go, simply plug and play!

True “Automotive Grade” Device – Built exactly for what it is used for: cars. Constructed to SAE standards of quality, our device will operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.

Payment Notification and Reminder – Our technology is designed to help you collect your money. With its internal buzzer, a friendly payment reminder can be sent when the car is started-on demand or with a pre-set schedule.

GPS Tracking – TrackSafe™ GPS Trackers use GPS triangulation for the most precise asset location available today. Get the location of an asset in just a few seconds. This information is available on-demand or on a schedule to locate a missing asset.

Ultra Low Power Consumption – Using an internal accelerometer the device can determine if the vehicle is moving or even if the engine is running. This allows the device to go in stand-by mode and will conserve the vehicle’s battery.

Virtual Geo-Fencing – Be notified should a car either leave or enter a preset area. Want to know when your customer gets back home? With basic configuration-sit back and our system will let you know.

SMS & Email Alerting – An SMS or email alert is delivered to your mobile device or computer when the vehicle performs an action you wish to be notified about.

Internal Battery Back-Up – Should, for some reason the device not get power, the internal battery will provide hours of service.

Power Loss Alert – Constantly monitors the power level of the device. Should a device experience a power loss due to tampering, a locate is performed and an alert message is sent.

Low Battery Alert – In the event that the car battery is weak, you will be notified.

Easy Installation – Light-Emitting Diode (LED) equipped for auto diagnostics for the installer, our device is installed in just a few minutes. An optional quick connect OBD11 connector is also available.

Network Heartbeat -Constantly monitors and views your web account, letting you know which of your devices are signed into the network -eliminating the need for weekly or monthly locates.

Intuitive and Comprehensive Web Application – Easy to use web based program. No need to download software. All you need is a computer with an internet access to manage your account. All commands are done on demand or on schedule.

Network & Coverage

Through more than 217 service agreements throughout more than 120 countries around the world, TrackSafe™’s line of products benefit from a technology that is constantly scanning the networks for the strongest signal. Should a carrier have a weak signal, our exclusive technology will automatically over the air switch to another, which makes our network the broadest and most reliable. Our communications network is entirely digital GSM and is entirely carrier independent. We program our own SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) and don’t rely on a provider to do so. Because of these reasons, it allows us to provide a true pay per use solution.

In order to offer this worldwide service, TrackSafe™’s infrastructure is located in a 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Center) bunker in Montréal that boasts 99.9% uptime. The communication gateway to this worldwide service is offered via 3 separate SMPP (short message peer-to-peer protocol) connections with local carriers around the world.

World Coverage

Why TrackSafe

Our On-Demand GPS devices never expire so you can use it for a s long as you need to and you don’t have to pay any additional re-activation or annual fees.

With no monthly/annual airtime fees, you don’t have to worry about being billed for thousands of dollars across your portfolio every year on top of what you already paid for the device.

We manage the Global Wireless Network so your vehicle’s are constantly connected and receiving coverage no matter where they are.

Each device is individually quality tested to automotive grade standard SAE J1455:2006.


Payment Assurance Technology & GPS Tracking are two of the fastest growing industries in the world. Within 5 years, 80% of all leased and financed vehicles or electrical equipment will be equipped with a payment assurance device. Payment Assurance Technology will not only save millions of dollars in payment delinquencies but become everyday products used in home and automobile electronics applications. Advances in microcomputer technology will dramatically expand and diversify payment assurance products across multiple industries. TrackSafe™’s Payment Assurance Technology and GPS Tracking technology is transforming consumer payment behavior, helping to ensure that payments are received on time, every time.


Four TrackSafe GPS Models to Choose From